Who was the first person to get Aadhar card in India? First Aadhar Card in India

When and by whom was the first Aadhar card made in India – Do you know who and from where was the first Aadhar card made in India. Maybe some of you should know. And if you do not know then today I am going to tell you about it. You must be aware that how important the Aadhar card has become today, but when the Aadhar card was first created, the importance of Aadhar card was not seen at that time. Let us tell you that any person can enroll for Aadhaar. For this he should be a resident of India and UIDAI. He can enroll for Aadhaar, irrespective of his age and gender. Enrollment of Aadhaar Every person can enroll only once. Enrollment is free. Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric ID system.

When was the first Aadhar card made in India?

The first Aadhaar card in India was generated on 29 September 2010 by a woman from Maharashtra ‘Ranjana Sonawane’. His Aadhar card number is “782474317884”.

When was the first Aadhar card made?

The first Aadhaar card in India was created on 29 September 2010 by Ranjana Sonawane. Ranjana Sonawane who is a woman from Maharashtra. During that time his place of residence was at Tambhali in Nandubar district of Maharashtra, which is located at a distance of about 470 km from Pune. Ranjana’s village was a very rustic village. It was given to him by Congress President Sonia Gandhi on September 29, 2010 in the presence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

How to download aadhar card ?

To download Aadhar card, you will first go to the official website of UIDAI, as soon as you go to the home page of UIDAI, you will see an option of MY Aadhar there. If you will move your mouse cursor on it, then you will get an option of Download Aadhar below, you will click on it. So you will reach a new website of my Aadhar, in which you will get to see many services of Aadhar card, you just come down a little, then there you will see an option of Download Aadhar, you have to click on it. As soon as you click, you will get to see three options to download the Aadhar card, in which you will get the option to download from the Aadhaar number in the first, the second enrollment number and the option to download the third virtual number from any one of the three. You will be able to download Aadhar card easily. After entering your Aadhaar number, you will enter the Captcha and then click on the option of Send OTP, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, you will enter the OTP and click on Submit. And you will be able to download your Aadhar card easily. After downloading the Aadhar card, as soon as you open the file, you will ask for a password there, in which you have to give the first 4 letters of your name and then the last year of your date of birth. With which your Aadhar card will be downloaded easily.

What is the Aadhaar number of Ranjana Sonawane?

The Aadhaar number of Ranjana Sonawane ji is “782474317884”. With this number, Ranjana ji became a separate identity in the country from that day. She was the first woman in India to get the Aadhar card. Aadhar Card or UID (Unique Identification) was received.

Where is Ranjana Sonawane from ?

Ranjana Sonawane is a resident of Tembhli village. Ranjana ji’s village is a very rustic village which was in Tambhali of Nandubar district of northern Maharashtra, it is located about 470 km away from Pune. Where earlier this village was in shadow, on getting the first Aadhar card, now people from outside have started knowing it.