What is a Webcam and How Does it Work?

What is webcam?

A webcam is an electronic input device. With the help of which photo or image is captured. With the help of webcam, you can capture images and do video calling. Any video or image you capture with the webcam will not be stored in the webcam. Because webcam does not have its own storage. Any video you record with the help of the webcam will be stored on your computer device.
If you buy a laptop from the market, nowadays you will get to see webcams in laptops. But if you buy a computer, then for this you will have to buy a webcam separately.

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How many types of webcam cameras are there ? 

Webcams can be divided into different parts on the basis of structure and feature.

  • Types of Webcams by Structure

Webcams can be of many types depending on their size, type, utility and feature. But depending on the structure there are mainly two types of webcams –

  • Internal Webcam
  • External Webcam

Internal Webcam – Internal webcam is a camera which is used in laptop or mobile phone, because you can neither see nor open this camera because this camera is installed in the chip board of the device. This camera is not used in the computer

External Webcam – External webcams are those that are installed outside the computer. USB cable is used in this camera, most people use this camera in their shop and office, this camera is not used in computer. These are USB cameras that use a USB cable.

Who is the inventor of webcam?

The world’s first webcam was invented by Dr. Quentin Stafford Feasar and Paul Jardetzky did it in 1991.

How many types of cameras are there on the basis of features ?

Webcams can be mainly divided into 7 parts on the basis of characteristics.

  • Standalone Webcam
  • Integrated Webcam
  • Camcorder
  • Digital Webcam
  • Dedicated Webcam
  • Webcam Without Microphone
  • Network Camera

Standalone Webcam – This type of camera consists of a stand and a lens. Connect it to the computer via USB cable. And the picture quality of the standalone is good. Some standalone webcams also have a resolution of 720 megapixels. These can be controlled easily.

Integrated Webcam – Integrated Webcam is used as a portable tool. It can be easily moved from place to place, so that you can enjoy video calling anywhere.

Camcorder – Camcorder is a type of digital camera, it can do video recording and memory card is used to save the video. Which you can later transfer to the computer.

Digital Webcam – Digital Webcam camera is very best for photography because the picture quality is very good in it. But with the help of Digital Webcam you cannot do Live Streaming.

Dedicated Webcam – Dedicated Webcams are most commonly used. You can easily install it on your computer. These cameras are very cheap.

Webcam Without Microphone – As the name suggests, this type of webcam does not use a microphone. This type of webcam has to be used with caution.

Network Camera – Network cameras are also called wireless webcams because they transmit data over the radio web without cables. Their image quality is good. They are used for security purposes.

use of webcam camera ?

In modern times, webcams are mostly used for taking pictures, taking videos, doing video calling, monitoring things or people, etc. The main uses of webcams are as follows –

  • Webcam is used in video calling.
  • Webcams come in handy in capturing images.
  • Webcams are also used for video security.
  • Webcams are used in Space Photography.
  • Webcams are widely used in video conferencing.

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