Today Boxing Day is being celebrated in most countries around the world. It is celebrated in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and some other Commonwealth countries.

Every year Christmas i.e. 25 December is celebrated as Boxing Day, the next day of which is celebrated on 26 December.

This day has nothing to do with any sport even remotely. Actually, this day started with the custom of donating to the needy. In olden times people used to give gifts to the poor by filling their boxes on this day.

Every year Christmas i.e. 25th December is celebrated the next day on 26th December or a day or two after that.

This day is a public holiday in Britain and Ireland. In earlier times, people used to give gifts to their servants on this day and give them leave on the day after Christmas, so that they could spend time with their families.

The Test starting on Boxing Day is of great importance. Especially in Australia, a Test match is definitely played on Boxing Day (December 26) and this match takes place on Melbourne's ground only.

The first Boxing Day Test was played in 1950. Each Test in Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa starting on 26 December is called a Boxing Day Test.

India has played 15 such Tests so far. This Boxing Day Test has nothing to do with boxing. In fact, the day after Christmas Day (25 December) is known as Boxing Day in many countries.