Samsung is soon going to add an advanced level feature to its Galaxy Watch series, so let's know the complete details.

According to a report, the company Samsung is going to bring more smart home features to its Galaxy Watch device.

This Samsung feature will help users view live feeds from home and doorbell Ring and Nest cameras on their smartwatches.

In this, users can also use the two-way intercom feature from their Galaxy Watch through their Ring camera.

Let us tell you that Samsung first brought Nest integration to the SmartThings ecosystem in early 2021.

Users will soon be able to control appliances from smart air purifiers, thermostats and blinds.

Samsung's watch builds on the existing Galaxy Watch support for TVs, air conditioners, lights and other devices.

Samsung says users will no longer need the SmartThings app to control their smart home devices.

The company hasn't revealed when the update will be available to the Galaxy Watch, but we can expect more details on February 1st.