If you are sharing or borrowing the password of Naflix with someone, then you will have to pay for them, so let's know the complete details.

The streaming giant is warning that a password-sharing crackdown was imminent and it looks like they're gearing up to implement some new rules.

 Netflix wrote in a letter to shareholders that it expects to share payment accounts "more widely" by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Netflix executives said some users would cancel their accounts when paid sharing was introduced, but "borrowing families" would start their own accounts.

Netflix has not yet released how paid password sharing will be implemented and how much it will cost.

Speaking of the feature, which Netflix tested in Latin America last March, it costs around $3 or $4.

During last week's earnings call, COO and Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said the company is working to find the "right price point."

Netflix was already exploring ways to crack down on password sharing in 2021 when it tested a log-in verification process.

 In March 2022, Netflix began testing two new features – the first allowing members to add a sub-account for people living outside their household for a small fee, and the second allowing users to add their own sub-accounts. Allows the addition of sub-accounts.