Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert blow through Capitol security and refuse wireworks before Zelensky speech

Two far-right members of the House of Representatives were seen flying straight through a security checkpoint outside the lower

chamber on Wednesday evening as they were on their way to attend a surprise address to Congress by Ukraine's president.

Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert were seen walking down a hallway outside the House bottom on the alternate bottom of the statehouse structure as they headed straight for the chamber. 

Before they were suitable to reach the door, two US Capitol Police officers in suits stopped the brace, addressing Mr Gaetz by name, and informing them to point them to a near essence sensor before they could enter.

Will have to go through a security check while doing so.

"Mr. Getz?Mr. Getz?" The officer said the brace passed him and entered the room without farther incident. 

This incident lasted only a many seconds. NeitherMr. Gaetz norMs. Boebert came verbally aggressive or vituperative, but they made it clear that they were ignoring the two Capitol Police agents after entering wrong answers.

Violations of those rules are governed and punished by the House Ethics Committee, which is set to go into Republican hands in the coming days.