How to Upgrade Your Google Pixel Slate i5

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Whatever the device may be Google Pixel Slate i5 or any other product, it becomes necessary for us to upgrade it for better performance. So in this blog we are going to know how you can upgrade your Google Pixel Slate i5.

How to Upgrade Your Google Pixel Slate i5

Google Pixel Slate i5, which is a great brand of Google. Which was launched in October 2018. It is a powerful and versatile 2-in-1 device. Pixel Slate i5 is very popular among people due to its better performance. However, due to the continuous advancement of technology and new applications demanding more resources and better performance, it becomes necessary for us to upgrade it. You can easily upgrade your Google Pixel Slate i5 by following some simple steps mentioned below :-

1. Upgrade Memory Storage

For better performance in Google Pixel Slate i5 the memory storage of the device needs to be upgraded. These will enhance the functionality of the device. However, if you upgrade your device, its storage will not be upgraded. So you will need to fit a USB-C flash drive or an external SSD (Solid State Drive) to upgrade the storage in the Google Pixel Slate i5. This will increase your device’s storage and provide enough space for files, photos, videos and applications.

2. Boost Your Device RAM

The RAM (Random Access Memory) in Google Pixel Slate i5 is an important part. This affects your device performance a lot. Having more RAM will improve the performance of your Google Pixel Slate i5, and you will be able to access multiple applications at the same time. However, Google cannot upgrade the RAM of the Pixel Slate i5. But you can remove unnecessary things in your device like clearing cache, restarting device regularly can increase your device performance by freeing up memory resources.

3. Update the Operating System regularly

Google regularly releases software updates for the better performance and security of the Pixel Slate i5. That’s why you always check the software of your device whether it is the latest update or not. You can check for automatic updates or manually update for software updates on your device.

4. Make sure to Upgrade the Device’s Product Apps

To get the most out of the Google Pixel Slate i5, make sure to update the device’s product apps to premium. For example, you can upgrade to premium apps like Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud or Google Workspace on the Pixel Slate i5 to enjoy better performance and extra features.

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5. Turn off Unnecessary features on the Device

For a better view of the connectivity of the device, you should disable such features in your device, which you use very little or probably, such as turning off the features like Bluetooth, NFC or location service when you do not need the device battery. Can improve life and get good vision Also you can adjust power management.

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