How to start a new blog and what to keep in mind ?

When you create a new blog and work in the blogging field for the first time, you make many small mistakes, which one day these small mistakes hurt you. And your blog doesn’t even rank on Google. If you do not know how to start a blog, what are the things to keep in mind before starting a new blog, then in today’s article you will get the answer to all these questions in your mind. So let’s try to figure out how to start a new blog without wasting any time.

1. Choose a good domain name while creating a blog

When you create a new blog for the first time, try that the blog is not on Blogspot but on WordPress. And when someone comes in the field of business then he has to invest a little money and for this you have to buy a good domain and hosting. And only after that you create a blog. When you create a website by buying hosting and domain, then you get to see many features in it. And also you are likely to get Google Adsense approved very soon. You buy hosting from a good hostinger company so that you will not have any kind of problem in future and also you will get a top level domain name in which you. , .org , .net , . com. In . You can take this type of domain name, Google Adsense also gets approved quickly.

How to start a new blog and what to keep in mind ?

2. Do not copy paste articles from another blog .

When you create a new blog, you do not earn immediately, for this you have to pay attention to your blog. You have to put good articles in your blog so that users like your blog and articles. Daily users used to visit your blog to read articles. So do not copy paste the article of any other blog for this, it will spoil the ranking of your blog on Google. Your post will also have trouble getting indexed in Google. You try to write the article unique. write better.

3. Setup a good theme in your blog .

The theme of the blog plays the biggest role of the blog. You should keep in mind that when you create a blog, keep its design good and at the same time you should also apply a mobile friendly theme, so that your blog and your blog article can easily open in mobile and open quickly. If you will use mobile friendly themes then most of the mobile users will come to your website. And the blog will rank quickly on Google. And also you try to use a simple theme and don’t use theme with much coding and css, this theme slows down your site.

How to start a new blog and what to keep in mind ?

4. Be sure to use a site map in your blog .

When you create a website, after that you setup a good theme. After that you have to open the site map of your blog and submit the site map to Google search console. It is very important. To submit the site map of your blog or website to Google Search Console, if you type Google Search Console in Google, then the official website of Google Search Console will come in front of you. By simply clicking on it you can go to its home page. And from there you will verify the ownership. Then you will submit the site map by going to the site map option.

How to start a new blog and what to keep in mind ?

5. Blog Security 

You should pay attention to the security of your blog. And it is necessary for all the new bloggers to keep their blog secure, otherwise their blog may get hacked. Nowadays many websites get hacked because when bloggers create a new website, they do not pay attention to its security, due to which hackers easily destroy their data, then you should pay attention to the security of your website.

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