What is computer virus? and how to remove it

If you are also troubled by viruses and malware in your computer. Due to which your computer suddenly becomes slow, files take longer time to open or the laptop suddenly shuts down. If you are also troubled by this type of problem, then you should not worry at all because when a new user buys a computer or laptop, it runs very well in the initial time but as it gets old, our system starts hanging. is | When we buy a new computer, we also get antivirus with it, but when the antivirus is over, then our system also starts hanging. And they are very troubled by this problem, if you are also facing this kind of problem, then maybe you will get the solution of your problem in today’s article.
In today’s article, you will learn how to remove virus from computer, how to make laptop run faster, how to remove virus, as well as I am going to give you many good information which will be very useful for you. Let us know without delay. Let’s try how to remove virus from computer and how to speed up computer.

What is Computer Virus ?

A computer virus is a special type of software program designed to cause harm to a computer. This virus infects the computer without the permission of the user, deletes the data and causes damage. It is also called Malware and Adware.

Computer virus spreads from one computer to another with the help of network. Due to the introduction of virus in the computer, the user has to face many problems. Computer viruses come under computer software. Viruses are also created by a programmer coding.

What are the types of computer viruses?

There are many types of computer viruses, but we are telling you some special ones, about which it is very important for you to know.

web scripting virus

Web scripting virus causes the most damage to the computer system, this virus can attack your device in many ways, it can harm the computer device by attaching many website links, advertising video images, many similar websites, which But we click, it is automatically downloaded as well as on your computer and can also send you to such websites, their risk is higher through social messaging apps.

browser hijacker virus

This virus changes the settings of the browser without your permission, then causes you to visit the website you want to access, takes you to the infected bad website, which can also damage your system.

network virus

Network viruses can spread through the Internet and local networks. These viruses slow down the network, it can have side effects such as your device’s programs and network connection get completely damaged if it enters your system too fast. This makes the system difficult to operate.

Multilateral virus

This virus damages your computer program files very fast, it can infect both boot sector and program files folder at the same time, so it is more dangerous than other virus, it can infect files and your system. It can help spread the infection. , Can damage files and programs together.

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How to remove virus from computer ?

  • To remove the virus from your computer, first of all, open your system and type in the search bar and open the run command. Or if you press the R button along with the Window button in your keyboard, the Run command will open in front of you, after that you will type Prefetch, after that you will click on OK. After that you will click on continue, many files and folders will appear in front of you, these files and folders slow down your computer. You will select all those files and after that you will delete them by pressing the delete button.
  • To remove the virus from your computer, you’ll need to delete the cache file on your system’s hard drive. For this you will again open the run command of your system and for this you will open the run command by pressing the R button together with the window button in your keyboard. And then type cleanmgr and then click on OK. A new box will open in front of you, in which you will select C drive. After that you will click on OK, after that you will select all the files in which your cache data is. Then you will click on OK. This will delete all the cache files from your hard disk. And your system will be fast.
  • To remove the virus from your computer, you’ll open the run command again. For which you will press the R button along with the window button in your keyboard, your run command will open. You will type Tree in the search box and then click on OK. This is a very simple and fast way to remove the virus from your system in seconds.

History of computer virus ?

Robert Thomas, he was the first engineer who developed the first computer virus while working in BBN Technologies in 1971.

This first virus was named “Creeper” virus, and it was an experimental program that Thomas G himself did to infect the mainframes of ARPANET. After infecting the virus system, it used to display the following message on the screen, “I’m the creeper: Catch me if you can.”

The original wild computer virus that was first tracked in the history of the entire computer virus was “Elk Cloner.” This Elk Cloner had previously infected Apple II operating systems through floppy disks. This virus was developed by Richard Skrenta in 1982, who was a teenager at that time.

Suppose computer viruses were designed according to prank, but from this it is known that if a malicious program is installed in the computer’s memory, then it can do many such things which can prevent the user from running the system. They can also stop further and they will not have any control over these malicious programs.

The first person to name these malicious programs “Computer Virus” was Fred Cohen, who named it in 1983. This name came to the fore when he named these programs in one of his academic paper titled “Computer Viruses – Theory and Experiments” where he wrote complete information about these malicious programs such as how it works, what it is can do etc.

What can viruses do to our computer ?

Computer virus can corrupt or delete the data present in the computer. You can completely eliminate the data stored in your hard disk. Computer viruses spoil their computers by going to other computers through e-mail attachments. Virus slows down the speed of your computer. It destroys your files and programs.


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