How to make blog on mobile for free

What is blog ?

Blogging is a type of online network platform, under which many people of the world keep publishing thousands of articles on Google every day and do the work of giving information to the people. Let me tell you that you must have used google. You must have searched about many things in google. But do you find who puts all this information on google, then let me tell you that all these articles are put by bloggers and work to give information to the people. Today there are thousands of bloggers in the world, who give information to people and also earn money. If you also want to become a blogger and want to get information about how to do blogging, then you are going to get information about blogging in this article.

Benefits of blogging from mobile ?

There are many advantages of blogging from mobile, which are explained in detail below.

If you have started blogging without laptop or computer, then you may have to face many problems in the initial time. Because you will definitely have some problem in blogging from mobile.You will not have the money to buy Domain and Hosting. So there will be some difficulty in the initial time, so you do not have to run away from the field of blogging. Even if you have a mobile phone, you can still do blogging from it, it will definitely save you a lot of money. You can also type by connecting keyboard to your mobile phone and its typing is also fast. And when you earn you can buy computer or laptop later. You will have to work very hard to become a successful blogger, you will have to publish one or two articles every day, until your article is ranked on Google, you will not get any kind of successful blogger.

How to make blog on mobile ?

If you want to make a blog from mobile and you are not getting how to make a blog from mobile, then I have given you its details below, in which I have told you how you will do blogging from mobile and how you can earn money. It is very easy to create a blog from mobile, for this you must have a Gmail account. And there should be a smart phone only then you will be able to create a blog from mobile.

  • First of all you have to open chrome browser in your mobile or you can open google.
  • After that you have to search by typing blogger in the search bar.

How to make blog on mobile for free

  • As soon as you search, you will first come to the Blogger.Com website on Google, you have to click on it, after that you will reach the blogger’s dashboard.
  • Whenever you reach the blogger’s dashboard, you have to click on Create Your Blog.

How to make blog on mobile for free

  • Now you will be asked to login with your Gmail account and if you have already verified with your Gmail account, you will be taken to the direct blogger home page.

How to make blog on mobile for free

  • If you are not already logged in to Blogger, then you will have to enter your Gmail ID and then click on Next. Only then you can do further processing.
  • Now you will get the option to enter the password of your Gmail ID, you enter the password of your Gmail ID and click on Next.

When you login to blogger, then let’s try to know how to create a blog on mobile.

  • When you login to Blogger, after that a new page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter the title name of your blog, which you can enter according to your own.
  • After that you have to enter the address of your blog. like
  • Now you have to install a nice theme for your blog. For this you will install a theme or you can download it by searching in Google.
  • When your blog is created, you can see how your blog will look like. And then you can customize according to your own.

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How to publish blog post from mobile?

If you have created an account by going to from your mobile and have also put a good theme in your blog, then today I will tell you how you will write an article in your blog. The writing of the article is explained in detail below. Which you will get to read below.

  • When you go to blogger’s dashboard, you will see three lines on the top right side, you will click on it.
  • After this you have to click on the new post option from where you will type a new post.
  • First of all, you have to write the title of your post which you will write at the top.
  • After this, on whatever topic you want to write a post, you will start writing in the details below. Which you can write in detail below.
  • Bold: If you want to make any text bold then you can make that text bold by clicking on “B” option or press B with control in your keyboard.
  • Italic: If you want to italicize any text, you can italicize by clicking on i or you can press i on your keyboard along with control.
  • Headings: To add Headings and Subheadings in the post, you can give h2 or h1 according to your choice by clicking on the option of Heading.

How much money can we earn by blogging from mobile?

Blogging is a long term business in which you have to work hard. You can earn more than 50000 thousand per month by blogging from mobile also. Your earning from blogging will start only when your blog article will rank on google and your traffic will come in it. Views will come on your blog post. If you have a smart phone, then you can do blogging from that too. When you start new blogging. So you will not start earning money immediately, for this you will have to work hard. You have to publish Continue Article in your blog. After this you have to apply for google adsense in which you will create your account in google adsense and you will add your website to google adsense after that your website will be reviewed which may take at least two weeks. Once you get Google Adsense Approval, after that you will enter Google Adsense code in your website, after that advertisement will start appearing in your website. If people like the ad, they will click, earning you money from it.


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