8 Best Alternatives Ad for new Blogger ( Best Alternative Ad )

google adsense alternatives ?

8 best google alternative ad which you can use in your blog or website without any loss. In this you will get to see all types of ads in which you can use Banner ad, display ad, notification ad, push ad and also you can use many types of ads in your blog. And in this your earning is also going to be very high. You can earn millions by using this ad in your blog or website.

  • revenue hit
  • infolinks
  • shopping
  • propeller advertising
  • Adversal
  • media.net
  • Adsterra
  • Adsterra

revenue hit
One of the Drutors of Google Adsense is RevenueHits. It was started in 2008 by MyAdWise Ltd. This ad network works with CPA. The blessing process for this system is really simple.
You just need to subscribe to their program and you can start earning. The minimum payout limit is only $20.

You can accept your payment online or by PayPal. It is a stylish way to create contextual ads and geo-targeted ads. The content area of this network is worldwide.
You can target any country using this alternative ad on your website. You can use this platform and use its advertisement in your website, in this you will get to see very good results. RevenueHits provides colorful channels for your blog.

You can create banners, sliders, pop-upset etc. to increase your earning through this program.


Infolinks turns some keywords into advertising links for your perspective. And when a user clicks on it, you earn from it.
You can accept your payment via PayPal, check or bank transfer.

However, the minimum payment is $50 and the minimum payment for bank transfer is $100 if you want your Plutocrat to be accepted via PayPal. You can use Infolinks as well as any other advertising network to increase the profit of your blog.

buy and sell advertising
Buying and selling advertising space on your blog is a business. This is one of the stylish Google Adsense Druthers for blogs and websites.

Your blog must have a good business to work with this network. Even if your business is less on blog, this system will not authorize your blog.
This network will check the runner’s views, Alexa rank and PR before transferring it to your blog.
Once you are blessed with this network, it becomes really easy to build a home for Buysells blog.
You can transfer your Plutocrat via PayPal account. There is no minimum payment for PayPal.

It was launched in 2011. But currently, it is one of the biggest platforms by a huge CPM.
Still, courting, videotape, if your blog is about entertainment. It pays on Net 30 basis.
He also has excellent filler rates for League 3 countries.
Still, if you’re looking to monetize a South African business, propeller ads in Singapore or even India could make you a bona fide plutocrat.
If your mobile business is also good then this network will be stylish for you to make your blog.


If your blog gets more than 50000 page views monthly then you can use this ad network. In this ad network, you are going to get many ads along with your display ad, video ad, push ad, banner ad, as well as the facility of your help center is also available in this ad network, you can use this ad for your Can do in network or website for blog

This announcement network is actually one of several networks that have chapter programs. The minimum payment for advertising via PayPal is $20. These allow languages other than English as well.

Media.net which is a good google announcement network. Media.net is a contextual advertising network program. It is made by Bing and Yahoo. If you want to get the blessings of Media.net then you also have to write Quality Blog. Media.Net supports only English blogs and your website should also get business from US or UK also you will be blessed with Media.net. The special thing about Media.net is that you can use it with Adsense as well. Media.net provides 24×7 customer service. When you have $100 on Media.net, you can transfer to your bank account.

Adnow company came in 2014. More than 160000 people are using Adnow. This Ad Network is currently working in 114 countries. You can run your ad Juggernaut on the announcement now and get your ad displayed in other places. When you get $10 on Adnow, you can transfer to your PayPal. In Adnow you get stream flow.

Adsterra is really a good Ad Network. In fact even if you have less business on your website, you can still apply for Adsterra. When you have $100 on Adsterra, you can transfer to your PayPal.

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