How to Pair Apple Watch to New Phone Without Old Phone

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How to Pair Apple Watch to New Phone Without Old Phone, If you have recently upgraded your iPhone and want to pair your Apple Watch with your new iPhone without the old phone, then you have come to the right article. In this article, you have been told about some simple steps, by following which you can pair Apple Watch with your new iPhone even without the old phone. Come on, let’s start.

How to Pair Apple Watch to New Phone Without Old Phone

There are many advantages and disadvantages of connecting Apple Watch to your iPhone. If we talk about their advantages, then connecting Apple Watch to iPhone makes it easy to track fitness and health data, make phone calls and send text messages directly from the watch, they also have many disadvantages like on both devices. Draining the battery faster Also if someone has access to your watch they can access your personal data. So let’s know the steps by which you can pair your Apple Watch with your new iPhone without your old phone.

1. Turn on your Apple Watch

First of all, you turn on your Apple Watch, after that you your iPhone, after that you keep both your devices close so that there is no problem in pairing the two devices with each other.

2. Open the Watch App on Your New iPhone

Once your Apple Watch is on and near your new iPhone, open the Watch app on your iPhone. The Watch app icon will resemble a white icon with a black outline of an Apple Watch.

3. Select ‘Start Pairing’

Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap “Start Pairing”. This will begin the pairing process between your Apple Watch and your new iPhone.

4.  Follow the on-screen instructions

The Watch app on your iPhone will go through a pairing process, follow the on-screen instructions until you see the “Choose Backup” screen.

5.  Select ‘Set Up as New Apple Watch’

You then select “Set up as a new Apple Watch” on the “Choose a Backup” screen. This will ensure that your Apple Watch is not restored from a backup.

6. Wait for the sync to complete

Now select “Set up as new Apple Watch”, then continue with your process until your “Apple Watch Syncing” is complete. Be aware that the syncing process may take some time, so be patient and wait for the process to complete.

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7.  Customize Your Apple Watch Settings

After the syncing process is complete, you can customize your Apple Watch settings. After that you can install apps as per your wish. Apart from this, you can adjust the watch face and customize the notifications.

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